December 16, 2010

Long Time...

...No blog.  I can't believe my last post was at Thanksgiving!  I can't say that I've done a lot of sewing/quilting since then, at least much that I can show you : )  I do have a tree up and a few other decorations here and there, but it's so hard to justify stockings and garland when I have some pretty big tests ahead of me!

I did throw together a quilt top for the gal that sits next to me at school.  She was induced yesterday, and I'm glad I'll have something homemade for them, even if it's a little after his arrival.  I've had a quilt cut out from some Michael Miller Whimsy since last Christmas for a couple that's been married for nearly six months now (yikes), and I had plenty of scraps left over for this coin quilt!

I just need a moment to piece a backing, baste, quilt and bind it.  After finals and boards, of course!

I also finished my Lantern Bloom Diamond Quilt!  I bought some extra yardage for the backing and finally got it in the washer this weekend.  I just need to piece the backing, baste, quilt, and bind.  Its recipient is only here through the 30th, so it's definitely a priority!  This quilt measures 60x80...yeah it's pretty big. 

Finally, I really need to finish the quilt for my FIL's retirement.  I'm really close and would like to give it to him over the holidays.  Admittedly, it's low on my list right now.  I'll have 2.5 weeks of free time after boards, so I'm looking forward to lots of fun quilting time.  Including work on my graduation present to myself!

I'm also planning a makeover for my sewing room!  Get excited!  For full disclosure, I present the "before" pictures.  It's pretty sad, but I have a feeling some of you can relate...right?

In the picture above, please note the 1/2 finished ribbon wreath hanging on the door that I started last year.  And all the school stuff is going in the attic!  No more book tests for me!

The main question that should come out of this pictures is: "How are you going to quilt that ginormous quilt when your desk is covered with junk?"  Yeah.

I really, really, really want a better way to iron than on that rickety ironing board.  I have grand plans for building a table with Erik's help, but we'll see.

My little design wall is great for little projects, but I have a new one in the works after that diamond quilt 'bout did me in!

My closet is just sad.  I need a better plan.

Despite all my attempts at studying, I have been able to shop a bit for my sewing space!  Can't wait to get it all together and make my husband happy knowing that that room will no longer be a disaster area!

Hope your pre-holiday preparations are fun and productive!  I still haven't found the star that goes on top of our tree!

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Jackie said...

You've been really busy! I can't wait to see your re-organized sewing room! I always get good ideas from other quilters spaces.