January 19, 2011

7 Weeks-ish? Who Knows?

I couldn't eat much dinner tonight.  This nausea thing (it is no respecter of any time of day) hit again today when I got home from school and now I can't even read food blogs without wanting to urp.  Which has never happened, but I almost wish it would.  My mom would always say when we were sick as little kids to "just throw up, you'll feel much better."  Not happening here.  Yesterday it was, in fact, morning sickness which hit, really on the way to school (Erik was driving) but settled in real nice as I finished up my breakfast and a 2 hour class started.  Yep.  It always seems worse when I am unoccupied, but that's hard to avoid when you're stuck in class or at the end of a long day when I'm exhausted on the couch.

A little less than two weeks until the Dr.........

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