January 22, 2011

Vivid Dreams

For a while, now, I have had some dreams that I actually remembered, which doesn't happen a lot while I'm in school and stressed and tired.  Last night, was a bit over the edge.  Let's just describe the dream(s) as a stream-of-consciousness, Quentin Tarantino-style movie that took place at dental school, which wasn't really school, but I thought that's where I was, with a whole team of quirky characters out to get me.  The swords didn't come out, but when I woke up, all I could think of was Kill Bill.  And the pregnancy and baby thread throughout the movies didn't get past me, either.  To my surprise, TBS is showing Vol. 1 and 2 today, so I'm sitting on the couch and quilting and blogging and being lazy, glad that it's a little "lighter" version since it's on TV.  Ha! There's no "light" version of Kill Bill...who am I kidding?

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