January 1, 2011

Joining the Game

Processes and events in my life are generally chronicled in a blog.  My quilting has a blog, our house building has a blog, my dental school experience has a blog.  Had I known how to blog, my cake decorating would have had a blog.  It's a great way to tell your story and, when appropriate, share the experience with others...even strangers.  It can be a way to keep up with friends and family, to learn new skills, or document an historic occasion in your life.

For me, it can also be a way to vent or sort out emotions.  It's been great through dental school.  And I really have always been a journal keeper.  I have all my diaries from when I was a kid all the way through college and I love looking back to see how I've become who I am and how the Lord has worked in my life.  Then the digital age hit and it was just a natural side-step to start blogging.

This blog, for now, is for me.  I just need a place to process, to grow, to document all my heart's feelings and thoughts.  One day, I may go public, but for now, it's secret.  Why?

I'm pregnant.

See, just typing that into real letters on a real computer screen that can be read for someone to see makes it all the more real.  Because it's real easy to forget that I woke up this morning after being 3 days late, ran to Target, bought a box with three PG tests (along with a bunch of yogurt and some shampoo...because who wants to check out with one glaring box of PG tests?), came home, peed on a stick and told Erik that I was pregnant.

It's just not all that real yet.

And since it's something that could disappear all too quickly, it's a concept that I don't want to hold on to too tightly, anyway.  Whether it does or doesn't, I'd like to talk about it here.  And record the road to children that God has for me and Erik, so that I can look back and see His faithfulness and provision.  Because He is and He will.

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