January 2, 2011

Mom's School Quilt

You might recognize this map panel that's sold at Joann's.
I saw a quilt made from this and immediately thought of my Mom's classroom.
So I bought one online, it arrived at my house, and sat in my sewing room for at least a year.

I finally got tired of such a simple project sitting around, and found a backing for it and basted it.
I then decided to hand quilt it.  Because I'm crazy.

I could come up with no other way to quilt it except to stitch along the latitudes and longitudes and since they curve, I decided the only good way to do it would be by hand.

I guess in the end, it was nice to have a mindless, therapeutic, straight-line pattern to quilt.  
My markings were already there, so it really wasn't too bad.
Of course, it still took forever, but in the end, it made my Mom cry and that's all that really matters.

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