January 8, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

As far as trying to conceive and pregnancy sites go, you get it all.  For the most part, the general information in articles has been only moderately helpful, but very straightforward and practical.  I've checked out several along the way so far (several = comparing information for some sort of validation).  Then you get to the forums where the information is general opinion and emotions are already running wild because of all the hormones.  A lot of the information that I consider helpful is from women who've been there before...describing symptoms, their experiences, what their doctor visits are like, this worked for me, etc.  No medical breakthroughs or anything...just what you might hear from a friend...if you were telling your friends.  The anonymity is great - you can learn, and share and still hide.  Don't get me wrong, there is a bad side to the open, share practically anything format of these forums.  There are some crazy people out there with wild ideas, but for the most part, people are there to be helpful and encouraging as we're all in it together, so to speak. There's the ridiculousness of "sticky baby dust" that seems to be passed around.  There are emoticons galore and flashing text in rainbow colors.

The ugly comes in when you're exposed to all the miscarriage stories, all the bad news from doctors, all the "we've been TTC for 3 years" talk.  Even my favorite "scientific" site with all the embryo specimens is ugly - the specimens are specimens for a reason, right?  If you get to Carnegie stage 17 or so, a little notice pops up that most of the embryos pictured are "abnormal" and it is noted in the title when you click on it.  Yikes.

You really do dig yourself in deep when you get into this game.  It seems "healthier" to stay away from this talk and stay positive and hopeful of good things, trusting that God is knitting together this baby just the way He wants it, but then, do I need to prepare myself?  Not dwell on, but at least acknowledge  possible outcomes and allow my soul to be "well" with those ideas?  Just take it as it comes?  Take the rose colored glasses approach?  Start asking for sticky baby dust?  Just kidding.

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