January 12, 2011

The School Game

It's really hard to drink water during the day.  I need to figure out something better, like every time I have to get up to get something from the dispensary I have to drink a little cup of water.  Getting to eat lunch has always been a privilege upon entering clinic, so this is another problem.  Yesterday it was a bag of pretzels to tide me over until I was done with my patient extraordinarily early at 2:00 and ate at 3:45.  Today, I got lunch.  All 20 minutes of it.  I'm just going to have to be snotty and demand at least 5 minutes for sustenance, even if I'm running late.

Also, apparently a "Dr.'s appointment" automatically means you're pregnant.

I'm supposedly 6 weeks today.  The most recent paranoia is that of blighted ovum.  I may not be bleeding and cramping, but by golly, there's something wrong, right?  I hate this game.  I really think I'd rather know there's a fetal pole in there even if it's early than wait until I'm 2 months + along and find out there's nothing.  Bleh.  All I can do is pray for a healthy, existent embryo and some sanity to go along with it.  Again, positive pregnancy tests mean nothing.

I felt a little sickish this morning.  I normally don't feel anything in the morning so something is new.  I still don't feel very pregnant.   I think there's a 100% chance that third PG test in the 3 pack I got will be used before I make it to my Dr.'s appointment.   In 2 weeks and 6 days.

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