January 4, 2011

What do you do?

It's so early.  I mean my doctor won't even see patients until they're 8-10 weeks.  I'm turning 5 weeks tomorrow, so there's a month to go before I even know if everything's ok so far.  So what in the world do you do with yourself to stay sane?  Especially right now when I don't have the distraction of school, and I'm stuck at home for a few days with a car in the shop.  A girl can go mad just checking for any signs of bleeding every time she goes to the bathroom!

As cautious as Erik wants us to be with our emotions right now, you have to do your due dilligence and educate yourself.  So I've spent some time online rehashing Embryology/Human Growth and Development since I haven't really studied it since my 1st year of dental school.  A few good sites I found today include this Multidimensional Human Embryo Project.  Although this doesn't start until Carnegie Stage 13, and I'm only around 9/10 right now, it'll be a great reference to the inner workings down the road - a great visual.  You can click on each embryo/stage represented in the big picture and see 3D breakdowns, MRI slices, and animations.  It's pretty darn cool.

I really like the way The Visible Embryo has good explanations of the physical changes the embryo goes through during each Carnegie Stage.  If you click on the tiny little picture of the embryo, you can see the stage, larger picture and description of development.  Then you can hit the Next button to see how things will change in the next stage.  It's pretty cool, good information if you're someone with a biology/medical background, but not over your head if you aren't.

The Atlas of Human Embryology has a great timeline and tables referring to the different stages of the embryo.  Lots of good, concise information.  I especially like the "Special Embryology" section in the left sidebar as you can check out specifically what's going on the the head and neck...a dentist's specialty : )

Pretty tired today.  I took a nap with my cat Reagan this afternoon.  The sickness is really minimal along with the boob pain.  It can make me nervous at times that I don't feel pregnant.  I may end up taking a few more tests between now and Feb. 1st just to ease my mind!  Although I do have to pee every 30 minutes which is very unlike me.  I feel like I have diabetes with all the polydypsia and polyuria.  I'm drinking water like it's going out of style.

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