March 5, 2011

A Bed for a Boy Room

Thanks for all the well wishes!  Things really have gone great so far and I've avoided any and all puking, which I know my patients appreciate!  I really don't think that I could handle school and full blown nausea and I'm so thankful that the good Lord spared me that beautiful aspect of early pregnancy.  Coupled with a good 4 days of snow days, it made my 1st trimester a dream 1st trimester!  I just get home from school and die on the couch : )

In other news....

The bed is finished!

Erik made his version of the Pottery Barn Farmhouse Bed to go in our Texas themed boy room we have staged in the house.

He did a great job staining it using a new-to-him technique - wax.  He said it was harder in some ways, but I really think he got it done faster and it looks great!

It's a full size bed for the 1 set of full mattresses we still have.  It's just so hard for a full grown set of parents to fit in a full size bed, but at least now we have a queen in the girl room with this great bed we got at IKEA.  I've always eyed it and for $99, we finally decided we couldn't pass it up.  It's a really nice, sturdy bed.  We got a new mattress for us and put our old queen in here.

I think the next step for these two rooms has to be bedside tables.  I'll get Erik to work on that next!  He he he...


Jackie said...

Erik did a wonderful job with the bed. The staining is fantastic. Is he going to make the baby crib?

Having a nausea free first trimester is a tremendous bonus!

MandMStudio said...

love the bed:)

Becky said...

Hi Abby! I'm so glad you posted on my blog. It's so good to hear from old friends!

Erik did a great job on that bed. I'm so impressed.

Tell him I said hi!