May 11, 2011

Done? Almost.

I've had a few days off the past two weeks as I try to wrangle my way out of dental school. I finished up this quilt top and managed to get it basted this weekend after mother's day festivities. I've spent the past few days hand quilting. I know, I should have probably just machine stippled it or something, but Erik thought it was boring and I thought a little fun pearl cotton action in several different shades of blue would pretty it up enough without making it less of a man quilt.

So, I sit and watch movies on our Roku and stitch away.  I'm sure I'll finish it before the recipient moves off to continue to torture himself, this time in medical school for an oral surgery residency.  I'll be sure to show the final product when all's said and done.

Speaking of all being said and done, I see my last patient tomorrow and then next week is a whirlwind of activity before the big day on Friday!

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