October 8, 2011

The Nursery, the Quilt, and Some Portraits

 So, here it is : )
 (Please ignore the piles of laundry that I just couldn't get put away in the few seconds I had to take these photos...)

The wall color is the same as every wall in our home...Summertime.  We use to have such a hard time picking out beige wall color until the day we asked the paint guy at Home Depot what all the builders use.  He said it was Summertime.  And we like it : )

Erik did the crown molding and plate rail.  We bought the letters on Etsy from Simply Sawdust and Erik sanded and spray painted them.  We attached them to the wall with those 3M Command Strips.

These lovely paintings are from our dear friend Vanessa who also has an Etsy shop called Nessa Dee Art.
Aren't they perfect in the room?

The dresser is IKEA, the lamp is Target with some added ribbon, and the chair is from Walmart online.  We really wanted an upholstered rocker, but they are soooo expensive. This rocker got good reviews on Walmart.  You have to buy the slip cover separately, but I kinda like that it's a slip cover, anyway.  It's really comfortable for me when we're nursing and my nursing pillow fits perfectly.  

Right now on this wall, there's just a little black/brown chest on the floor with toys, books, and junk piled on top of it.  We're looking for a bookshelf to go on the opposing wall so we can store all of that stuff.  Not sure if we'll keep the chest as a toy box or what.

And the quilt makes an appearance!  I did the Fat Quarterly Jelly Roll Quilt Along with fat quarters.   

The fabrics are the same ones we used in the frames plus a few more.  Some of the greens are so muted, it kind of washes out in all of these pictures.  I need to take some in better lighting.

Some of the prints have some light blue, so I did the border in the same blue to pick it up a bit more and brighten up all the green and brown.  I hand quilted it with shades of green and white using perle cotton.  It went pretty quickly as I avoided the record-setting heat by watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix on our Roku with my feet propped up to dodge swelling.  Yeah, it's been finished for a while now. : )

I kinda have a feeling she'll be getting a girlier quilt now that we, well, know she's a girl : )

This is the dress I wore when I came home from the hospital : )

Those dress pictures comprise my most successful photo shoot with her now that I have my new camera.  The trick?  Nurse, drape blanket over papasan/bouncer chair, and take some sleepy pictures!
I'm also loving my birthday present from my in-laws: a 50 mm f/1.8 lens : )

We also had some professional pictures taken by Jo Brock of Jo Brock Photography.

Sweet girl!


Jackie said...

Such a wonderful room for your little cutie! The picture of the toes? LOVE it!

Nessa Dee said...

Love the room! It's so beautiful...and of course Miss Audrey is even more beautiful!