November 30, 2011

My Current Project's Progress

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This girl is growing fast!  Recently, she's started picking up small toys and today, she rolled over from tummy to back!  She started refusing the occasional bottle we give her, so we've had our hands full with that one.  She's doing so much better, though!

Surprisingly, I've had some time in my sewing room, but so far it's just been some mending.  I did pull out the Hope Valley quilt I started for my graduation present to myself, so I'll have to start getting after that.  I also have to make sure her onesie is ready for December : )  My cousin, Nicole, makes these shirts (Nicole's Bows on Facebook) and she made a cute snowman for Christmas, but alas, I'm pretty sure Miss Audrey won't fit in it come December 30th.  But I have a plan up my sleeve to make it work ; )


Lisa said...

Awe! My sweet niece Audrey!

Nessa Dee said...

She's getting so big! Such a sweetie.