January 1, 2012

Well, that's 2011!

January: We found out we were pregnant New Year's Day!

February: We met Miss Audrey for the first time via ultrasound. 
 I took my mock boards at school and it snowed a lot!

March: Lots of work at school and a growing belly, 
but time to work on some quilts here and there!

April: I took my dental boards and passed!

May: I graduated and became a dentist!  
Now I could really focus on baby crafting...and finding a job!

June: I started working super-part-time and avoided
 all that crazy Texas heat making Audrey's quilt.

July: Still working and putting together a nursery!

August: We met my niece, Hattie, and two weeks later, Miss Audrey came!

September: I enjoyed a nice, long maternity leave loving on my sweet girl
 and even squeezed in a little quilting ; )

October: Back to work super-part-time with lots of
 time at home watching Audrey grow!

November: Audrey started rolling over and loves reading books with us!  
We have so much to be thankful for!

December: We had a wonderful Christmas with friends and family, 
celebrating our Savior's birth.  Audrey is so active,
 rolling both ways and starting to creep!

I really miss my creative time, so if I have a sewing resolution, it's to get upstairs in my sewing room for some "me time" every week.  It'll do me good ; )

Oh, and then there's the Capitol 10K in April!  Gotta get used to that jogging stroller!  (and get a head start on our costumes!)

happy new year!

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