February 22, 2012

A New Addition

Sitting around my grandparents' living room on Sunday afternoon, my mom and grandmother were going through Facebook and family blogs together so my grandmother could see all of the recent pictures of grandkids and great-grandkids.  They do this periodically.

So I was a little shocked when she pointed out to me that I hadn't posted since January 1st.  When it really comes down to it, I started blogging to record my quilts.  My very first blog was actually to chart the process of getting into and out of dental school.  Then the quilts.  Then the house building.  Then a few very unsuccessful blogs about genealogy and something else...I forget.  Then I started a secret blog when I got pregnant to chart that adventure, and since I was knee deep in, well, being pregnant AND trying to graduate from dental school (drama), I didn't even get to chart that.  I just posted my random belly pics here.  Now that Audrey's here, you seem to get a lot of that, too.  Trust me, it could be a lot more ; )

(a little unplanned baby bokeh by daddy...weird frog creature says 'hi')

Long story short (too late), I have a blog problem.  Too many blogs, not enough blogging.  An acquaintance of mine (Anna blogs here and here) did this, and I'll do it, too.  She's had a great blog, mainly about her art, that I've followed for a while now.  Her little boy was born on the same day as Audrey and her blog became a big mesh of baby and paintings.  So she separated the two to make things nice and neat and compartmentalized.  I like it.

So...if you read because you like me and my family and all of those goings on...you can read about it at Everybody's Doing It.  Having kids, that is.  At least that's what it feels like, especially when you're not.  But we finally did, and that's why I started the pregnancy-now-turned-family life blog.

If you're here because you like quilts and stuff, you are more than welcome to follow along over there, too.  It'll be a little difficult to keep everything separated, especially since my quilting blog is purely for the love of quilting and not to have a gazillion followers or make money or design fabric or quilts or tutorialize everything.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.  Did I just make that word up? Tutorialize.  I kinda feel like that's the goal of blogging now, especially with the attempt to make everything pinteresting these days.  Again, nothing wrong with that.  I love me some Pinterest.

Ok.  Enough of that.  Here's some fabric stacks I made today in view of starting a quilt for a nephew who will be here shortly.  Not procrastinating here, or anything.

I'm definitely leaning towards the first stack after seeing the way she's going with the nursery this past weekend.  I haven't seen any bedding...she had me and her MIL make it for her daughter, so I'm not sure what she has planned for boy.

And I have had a chance to quilt a smidge whenever Audrey decides it's ok to nap in her crib and I can sneak away upstairs.  I pulled out my Hope Valley quilt and got it back up on the design wall and churned out a few more blocks.  Turns out, I used up all my Kona White making quilts for other people, so I had to order some more.  So of course, now that I hit a road block, I'll just start another quilt ; )


Jackie said...

I'd love to see more of your family...and goodness knows I'd be disappointed to miss a quilt or any of your husbands beautiful things he makes. Your family blog isn't open to readers though - it looks like invited readers only.

meli B said...

I like the first stack too. I don't think I stitched a thing when my kids were little. Too tired, too busy, too grumpy! If you have time to blog or even the energy to read other blogs, I take my hat off to you. Big effort.