March 20, 2012

Really Random Post

I'm so close to finishing a quilt top, I can taste it!

Since Audrey has decided that her crib is not the best place to take naps right now, I am stuck with laundry chores and other quiet things that I can do in the living room while she naps in her swing.  At least she's napping, right?

So, I have been cleaning out my inbox today.  Sounds so super important, no?  This recipe is from an email I received in 2006 after having this amazing punch at a baby shower at church.  So this is not a picture-less post, I'll show you the cake I made for the youth minister and his wife:

Not a great picture, but there you have it!  I definitely want to hang on to the recipe for this punch, so I'm putting it here so I'll always have it, plus I get to share it with you!

Thanks to Angela for the recipe!  It's soooo good!

Mocha Coffee Punch

½ cup instant coffee powder
2 cups sugar
3 qts. Hot water
1 TBSP vanilla
½ gallon milk
1 can Hershey syrup
1 gallon vanilla ice cream, softened

Combine coffee, sugar and hot water.  Stir until coffee and sugar are dissolved.  Add milk, vanilla, and chocolate syrup.  Stir well and chill overnight.  When ready to serve, place softened ice cream in punch bowl and pour liquid mixture over it. 

Now I can delete that old email ; )

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