March 20, 2012

Spring Time

Lots of little things are happening around these parts.  As the weather has been fairly nice, we (Erik) had a chance to get the first mow of the year in this weekend and we also started work on our backyard.  Now that we have a fence, although it is yet to be stained due to the road construction behind our house, we can put in some flower beds and a little vegetable garden.  We may be a little late in preparing soil for a garden since we could have started planting by now, but we won't be too far behind.  I hope to start out small and get the hang of it so we don't dive in over our heads.  I'm really excited!

I'm also doing a LOT of spring cleaning.  It has to come in spurts, usually during nap time, but the parts of the house that are finished are soooo much better.  I started in the kitchen.  I moved all of our china (that we never use) to the hutch that Erik built in the breakfast area.  It had been spread out in the upper cabinets all over the kitchen, so now it's all in one place.  We took all of the entertaining dishes and got them together above the fridge since we don't use them often and then just continued to get all "like" things together.  You think that would have happened when we moved in, but you see, I STILL have boxes that need unpacking in the attic.  It is a never-ending saga.  We also donated a lot of stuff to make space and I really like my organized, functional kitchen!

I moved the spring cleaning into our bathroom and that's where I'm stuck right now.  My goal is to get all the cleaning supplies and medicines corralled so we can put baby proofing thingies on those cabinets, and it's taking longer than I thought.  The closet is next.  We have got to take control of the laundry situation we have over here!

Audrey is still reeeaalllyy close to crawling.  Through a combination of scooting, pulling, rolling, etc, she made it all the way across her room on Saturday.

She seems to get really active and squirmy when she's tired, and she hasn't been napping well lately, especially on the weekends, so it's been a little crazy.  I say that, and she's been asleep for almost an hour and half now.  She must be worn out after the weekend!  We took her to the nursery for church and Sunday school, and she fell asleep on the way home and STAYED asleep in her car seat for over 30 minutes.  She hasn't done that since she was a newborn!

She has been teething like crazy, which probably explains her napping issues, constant drooling, chewing on her thumb and rare bouts of whining.  She never really fusses, so when she gets whiny, I know she's not feeling good.  Her gums around her front top teeth, #E and F, are super swollen, so I know she's working hard!

We welcomed a new cousin last Sunday and got to visit again this Saturday.  Carter is the first boy on either side of the family.  He's quite outnumbered  by the girls right now!

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Lisa said...

I can't wait to see what all you grow! She is so close....I would actually consider that crawling!