March 3, 2012

Things I LOVE: Biz

I've decided to periodically talk about some things I use around the house, or with Audrey, that I just love.  They make my life easier, I will never stop buying or using them, and I think they might be helpful to other people, too.  No one is paying me to do this or giving me anything, I just like hearing what makes other mom's lives easier, so if anyone ever reads this, it might help them, too.  

I don't know where I learned this...but Biz is amazing.  I started buying it in my first year of dental school to get the smell of gross anatomy lab out of my scrubs.  I know that sounds pretty gross (haha), but listen, if this can get the smell of cadaver out of your clothes, it's pretty amazing.  Most of my classmates just bought a pair of scrubs that they only wore in the gross lab and threw them away at the end of the year.  I thought it was 1) disgusting to wear smelly scrubs a couple of times a week, 2) a waste of time to change into and out of those smelly, yucky scrubs, and 3) a waste of money to buy extra scrubs just for lab and then throw them away!

So I used Biz.  It's great.  No cadaver smell whatsoever!  Not that anyone really has an ongoing problem of cadaver smell in their least I hope not...

So then I had a baby and after the first baby poop blowout, I rinsed and washed and dried that sad little onesie just like normal, and  - voila! - the baby poop doesn't come out.  I had no idea.  But if you soak it in Biz first?  It comes out.  Like magic.  

I get the powder in the box.  I really just use it to treat stains, but you can boost each load with it, too.  I've been known to treat a color run on a quilt with it and generally wash all my quilts for the first time with a bit of Biz added to the mix.  LOVE it!

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