April 24, 2012


I started to make Audrey an Easter basket out of fabric and cording, but it sits, even now, unfinished on my bedside table.  I *will* finish it, though.  I can just use it as a decoration, I guess.  Once I admitted to myself that I would never finish in time, I ran to Michael's and found this basket, ribbon and ruffle in under 15 minutes.  It was super easy to put together...I just basted the ruffle with some quilting thread and attached the bow with a pipe cleaner.  Done.

Just a few empty eggs, some bath toys, and crinkly toys.  We completely forgot we bought a bedtime book for her and just gave it to her last night...oops!

We went to Sunday school and then took Audrey home for a nap.  She's always sooo exhausted after both church and Sunday school, we knew she'd never make it all day at with the family if we didn't let her sleep.

We spent the day at Nanna and Grandaddy's with all the family, including Nana.  Good food and good times!

The girls wore their bunny t-shirts that Lisa and I made one day using a tutorial Lisa found on Pinterest.  It's always so hard to get a good picture of all three of them!  Such sweet girls!

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