April 30, 2012

8 Months

8 months ago today, Miss Audrey was born!

She is all. over. the. place!!! Crawling is second nature, and pulling up to hang on to things is getting to be that way, too.  She is fearless and doesn't seem to be afraid of falling, much to our dismay.

She still just has the two lower teeth, but she sure is working hard on the top ones!

She's still a skinny minny and we've taken to fattening up her food.  The doctor had initially suggested butter in her cereal, but now that we know she's allergic to dairy, we're putting coconut oil in her food.  Don't really know if it's helping all that much, although I'm afraid that if we weren't, she'd be losing weight or just maintaining with all the exercise she gets!

Just this past week she's started saying "da da da da da" and Erik is super excited.  He feels a bit guilty, so they practice "ma ma ma ma", too.

We love our sweet girl!

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