February 15, 2013

Finish it Up Friday

Dare I say I have a finish?

It's nothing spectacular, although I really hope my niece thinks otherwise.

She started preK this past fall and my mom whipped up a nap mat cover for her made from the My Little Pony fabric she picked out herself. I took the remnants and finally finished this blanket for her. I had hoped to give it to her for Christmas, but valentines will have to do.

Several attempts at new techniques on this whole cloth quilt: machine binding, pieced batting, and some loopy hearts FMQ. The machine binding wasn't perfect, but the quilt is finished : ) the pieced batting was a great use of my batting stash, which is out of control. And the loopy hearts worked out pretty great!

The use of the polka dot knit was a questionable decision. Although I basted the heck put of it, there was stretching and I had to readjust too many times. But the theme of the day is it's done, so I'll just stick with that ; )

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