July 7, 2013

WIPs...slow progress...

It's been slow progress trimming a gazillion half square triangles for Audrey's big girl quilt. I tend to save it for nap time or after the girls are asleep. It's been a good project while I watch Arrested Development. : ) 

I have managed to finish up most of the flowers for this quilt. That design board is 36x48, so it'll be a good wall hanging. I just need to baste a few more white hexagons for the filler pieces and start putting it together. I started this project in 2008 and mainly worked on it in the car or on airplanes when we went on vacation, so it's taken a looooong time to get this far. 

And this cutie on my quilt made with the same squares cut by my great grandmother Nanny Burks as the hexagon quilt. She's 6 months old!  

(Sorry for all the blurry iPhone pics, but a blurry post is better than no post!)

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