September 22, 2013

Andrea's Criss-Cross Dress

I bought this pattern at Walmart about 5 years ago when my 
brother and his wife got pregnant with their first little girl. 

 I thought, as a first year student in dental school, that I would make this dress for my niece. 
Ha!  I didn't even make one for my Audrey!  

I finally realized, that if I didn't make one for Andi before the summer was out, I'd probably never make it. And it was Andi's turn for a dress, anyway!

I had also planned to make the very similar pattern by Maggie at Smashed Peas and Carrots with the perfect diaper cover by Dana Made It. I plan on giving those a try, too. 

My big 8 month old is wearing a size 12 months in most things, and I figured that if this size 12 months was too big, she could wear it longer. 

  Well, it's pretty big. In fact, Audrey can almost wear it as a top. 
But it's still super cute!  And so is my sweet girl!

The only really new things that I did was make covered buttons and buttonholes.

The covered buttons were super easy using a kit I got at Hobby Lobby,
and the buttonholes weren't nearly as scary as I made them out to be. 

I do recommend reading your sewing machine manual and
 testing out your buttonhole stitch on a piece of scrap first ; )

She wore it to church today with a long-sleeve onesie underneath it 
since there was a chill in the air.
Such a sweetheart!

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Ellen said...

So cute! Your girls are getting so big! :)