December 30, 2013

2013 in Review

I wasn't really planning on doing an end-of-year post since I've hardly posted all year, but I guess I made more than I thought I did.  I even made a blanket not pictured here. So, from the top:

1. I birthed a baby: my sweet Andrea will be 1 year old on Thursday!!
2. My niece Molly's blanket
3. We did a winter garden this year and it was super successful!
4. I've made lots of progress on those hexies.  I will finish it in 2014.
5. I made about 3 sets of these car seat strap covers for the girls.  Super easy.
6. Audrey's dress for her second birthday.
7. Audrey's doll's dress.
8. Andrea's dress.
9. Andrea's bloomers.
10. Vera's blanket.
11. Audrey's 2nd birthday cake and party decorations.
12. Starting with August, I made new shirts for Andi's monthly photo shoots.
13. September shirt.
14. October shirt.
15. November shirt.
16. December shirt.  (I also made one for Audrey).

There are a few things I didn't include, like the 4 sets of hooded towels I made out of necessity for the girls. And the starts of quilts that still need attention.  I actually hope to finish a cheater quilt by tomorrow for a baby shower, so that'll get squeezed in before the end of the year.

The coolest part of my crafting is that I conquered some pretty big garment-making fears and made dresses for my girls. Yay!

The sad part of all this, which will be remedied in the new year, is that I did not make a true quilt this year.  Blankets, yes.  Quilts, no.  So sad.

Thankfully, I have resolved to make quilts for my 2 girls, and oh my goodness EVERYONE I KNOW is getting pregnant.  Lots of quick baby quilts coming to a blog near you.

Here's to a happy 2014!

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