August 23, 2008


School has started and NaNa's quilt still awaits new stars so I can put the silly binding on...I'm now thinking I can go ahead and bind it and feel that much better about being close to finished. Whatev. So I thought I'd blog about the books that have gotten me where I am today, although most of my learnin' has been via the internet and specifically You Tube/Expert Village. But this is the one that really started me out...

I found it at Walmart. Calling it a book is a bit of a stretch, it's more of a pamphlet or maybe magazine. But it had everything I needed to understand how much fabric I needed and how to cut it. I learned what selvage was, "right sides together" and quarter inch seam allowances, pressing, quilting and binding (kind of). It was a good start, but I didn't really get it all down until much later.

Mom bought this book for me as it was on sale in the teacher workroom at her school and she couldn't pass it up. Thanks, Mom! I quickly became attached to it as it explained everything. You name it, it's in here. I can still sit down with it and learn something new. It's the book that got me started on English paper piecing (still need to work on that some...) and gave me a bigger picture of the world of quilting than I had discovered thus far (I still hadn't discovered quilting on You Tube or all the absolutely amazing blogs I learn from now that I'm a convert to the blogosphere).

This was a recent find at Half Price Books and I convinced Erik that I needed it for my birthday (it was July, my birthday is in September). I can't wait to start using the stitches in here to spice things up a bit and would like to go through and practice them so I have an idea what will work for me and what I need to work on. I'll have to do a little sampler of some kind and get it on here. You know, sometime when I don't have a filling, a cast mounting, cast trimming and crown prep to do before Tuesday.

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