October 28, 2008

Back to Sewing...

Saturdays seem to be set aside for sewing lately. In the morning I made this cute little number from Puking Pastilles' superhero cape tutorial. Super easy! I'm trying to practice a new sewing skill with each project. This one included machine applique, turning, top stitching and sewing on a velcro closure. I've kinda done some of those things before, but not for anything that needed to look good. Like a gift. ; ) I hope Super Asher likes it!

Mr. Bear came back to model a bit:

I spent the afternoon measuring, cutting, and sewing fusible interfacing to some appliques for my next quilt. I kinda hope to get all the appliques ready and sewn on next Saturday, and since I'm going whole-cloth with this one, I'll be ready to start hand quilting on the next Saturday. I just can't bear to do an entire quilt on my dinky machine. I just can't! Hopefully, I'll be finished around Thanksgiving and I can get started on the next two - I'm insane, I know it. The kicker is that my cousin, Marci, just found out she's having TWINS so the baby quilting insanity has only begun.

We had October/November birthdays at Nanna's house and she had the table set with her new table runner and napkins. Love it! (but I'm biased....)
Reagan can always find a comfy place to sleep around here! He found my quilt bag in my makeshift sewing room in my parents' study. Seems to be his new favorite spot.


georgia said...

awesome cape! Super Asher is sure to love it!

nessadee said...

Came across a blog today, thought you might like it: