November 19, 2008

She's Here!

My 3/4 size sewing machine is getting a little small for me. I started looking for a darning foot for it so I could machine quilt a bit, and by the time I finished shopping, I had a genius plan. Genius. My birthday was in September, and Erik got me tickets to the opera (Le Nozze di Figaro!) and said I could buy a new dress (yes, this is going somewhere). I had already gone shopping and wasn't too thrilled with the results - do they not sell dresses these days? So - my genius plan. How 'bout I take the dress back that we're not thrilled with, and considering the cost of a darning foot for my small/old sewing machine, I could buy this refurbished, amazing machine for the same price!

Now I know you're going - refurbished? A sewing machine? They can be a pain even when they're brand new - why would you risk the headache of a refurbished machine? Because it was a good deal, that's why. I may be proved wrong, but right now, I'm caught up in the freshness of something new and the amazement of all the stitches this computerized work of art can do. Good thing I have basically already started my Thanksgiving break! ; ) And just in time to make Christmas goodies!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Congrats on the "new" machine! She's a beauty...and a Brother! I have a basic Brother sewing machine and love it. I'm over here drooling over your computerized model!