November 25, 2008

Busy on my Break

Along with studying for the 1st part of my national board exams and checking on house matters for Erik, I'm trying my hardest to squeeze in the projects on my list while I'm off.

I randomly decided to start piecing my bandana quilt last night. I just pieced the rows and will connect them when I feel like getting the iron out to actually press the seams. : )

My new sewing machine and I are getting along fairly well. We had a rough start as the tips of these stars proved to be a bit much (top + 1/4 turned under + 1/4 fusible + fusible + background fabric) - plus it's always a bit more bunched up after you turn a tight point like that. No matter how much I cut out. Regardless, I bent a needle (which NEVER happened on my old machine), but we made up and all is well. Then there's the miraculous healing of the needle threader. I have no idea what happened there, but I'm so glad it works again. Who wants to thread a needle when the gadget will do it for you? So spoiled. I got the hang of the star points and now I'm bracing for actually machine quilting. Here's part of the quilt basted and ready for me to get up the courage, practice on another quick project that doesn't matter as much, and then go for the gold. Yikes. It looks really sloppy in this picture, but for you quilters out there, it really is ok. I promise : )

I'm waiting on a color scheme for my sister-in-law's baby's quilt, and there's another baby quilt that I may or may not do depending on how studying for boards goes. We'll see. For Christmas, I have a pillow in the works using these, some dish towlels and pot holders, and a few other ideas depending on how we decide to do Christmas. Last year, my immediate family did stockings only and Erik's family did stockings + donation to your favorite charity. Once I get the word, I can get to work!

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Melanie said...

Seriously great idea! I've been needing a western quilt!!!!