December 19, 2008

Around 10:15 am tomorrow...

I will be finished with my semester and ready to do some serious catch-up sewing. I'm planning on using a reward system for myself: every hour that I seriously study for my national boards (Jan 3), I get to take an hour long break and sew. I'm telling the world, so that when I stray, I will be ashamed of myself. Did I say "when"? I have no self-control.

I'm super close to finishing my star quilt, and that will be the first point of attack. I'm planning on pulling out the hand stitches I've done on my bandana quilt and go back to my original plan of free-motion. At least that's the plan for now. Notice that I continuously waffle? Then, I'm going to have a serious fabric cutting day and get a few quilt tops ready to run through the machine. I really, REALLY hate cutting, so I figure if I work really hard and get it over with in one fell swoop, it will be less painful. The whole ripping off the band-aid thing.

In reading all the lovely blogs out there, my heart yearns to do nothing but bake and sew and wrap presents and MAKE presents, but I find myself a week out from Christmas with way too much under my belt - a house to finish (now that my sister - WHO I LOVE - has moved back home, it's a bit crowded....) and an 8 hour test to study for... And I really need a break. Just time off. So I set no goals, and I just plan to enjoy doing what I get to do and then share it when I get the chance.

Meanwhile, I keep thinking about how I want to make jewelry for family for Christmas. Being a dental student, we cast gold all the time, and it is pretty cool to be able to fabricate your own designs out of wax, invest them, and cast the gold or silver. Since I have a bridge to cast tomorrow, I think I might sneak in a quick wax pattern for someone and do it all at the same time. We'll see how that goes ; )

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Anonymous said...

You're so lucky to have access to casting equipment. LOL, you can actually make a necklace of gold teeth. Kind of creepy, no?