January 8, 2009

First Finish of the Year and My Labeling Method

I made this quilt for my friend, Maia, to celebrate the birth of their 4th child who came on January 5th rather than December 31st. It's still technically a Christmas present for them, so I'm not changing the embroidery! They didn't know the sex of the baby, but I had a gut feeling, and luckily...I was right and I hope that Titus Creed will get lots of use out of his quilt!

I drew out a wonky star on cardstock for my template, raided my stash, and cut out a bunch of stars to fit on the blue gingham I also found in my stash. I also cut out stars from fusible interfacing. I sewed each cloth star to a fusible star right side to "sticky" side, cut a slit in the fusible, and turned them inside out. I also embroidered the star.

I fused them on, machine appliqued with a zig zag stitch, basted and quilted away!

The backing is a white cotton from my stash ; )

Technically, the only thing in this quilt that is not from my stash is the purchased binding. Yay!

It's a bit of a late Christmas, but I know they'll be glad to get a fun package in the mail. Big brother Asher is getting his cape and Lenci and Zoe are getting these.

Wanna know how I make a label?

1. Type up in Word the message you'd like to be on the label. (Make sure it's on 100% so you know it's the size you really want.) Make it BOLD so you can see it better through the fabric. Pick a great font!

2. Print!

3. Grab your trusty No. 2 pencil (sharp!) and the label fabric.

4. I like to put both the paper and the fabric in the embroidery hoop so it's stretched nicely and you can see the printed letters through the fabric.

5. Trace!

6. Embroider!

It takes a bit more time than printing on fabric or writing with fabric pens, but I think it looks great and is completely hand made! Plus, I can make it in whatever fun font I can find!

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