March 15, 2009

New Beginnings

With a new house comes, you guessed it...a new sewing space! This is the room upstairs that we've been calling the "media room". Technically, it's a bedroom, with a closet. Erik, being ever-mindful of resale and staging wants this room to have a theme - even, say a hobby room theme. Does that mean I get to flaunt it as a sewing room? We'll see how far that goes. But it seems to be a distinct possibility : )

We're putting a desk in there that I have worked on before, so that may be all I need. I like that it is a long desk and can support a big quilt top, like NaNa's star quilt. I've never machine quilted on it, but I'm sure it would be just fine. I would love to buy a cabinet with cubbies for fabric, or find something really cool at a thrift shop, so the hunt is on for fabric storage! I'm also thinking I need some projects I can decorate with....
Another new start, I finally have my fabric picked for the quilt along which is quickly turning into a quilt way-behind-everyone-else (which is also how I roll in dental school, by the way). I'm losing the light gray for a red with tiny white polka dots to balance things a bit better. Cutting happens tomorrow, after a wash and a press. I got in a really bad habit living at my parents' of not prewashing before sticking the fabrics in my stash. I have a pretty good idea which need it and which don't, but that habit is over. Especially when it comes to pinks and reds!

And if you're visiting from Free Quilt Patterns, welcome! And thanks, over there, for adding my table runner project! So fun!

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