March 19, 2009

Old Hobbies Die Hard

I've hardly touched a piece of fabric this week aside from doing laundry and trying to pick out curtains. Everytime I get excited about it, I realize I have no idea what box my iron is in. And I think, "I can just wash what needs to be washed and have it ready to iron when I find it", then I realize my color catchers are at Mom's and I can't wash new fabric without color catchers. If I knew where my salt was, maybe I'd try that trick....So today is quilting tools round up day. I will get my act together!

Yesterday was cake day. My cousin asked for a birthday cake for her fiance's birthday yesterday (she also asked for a wedding cake!). I usually don't go all realistic on my cakes, but I had to do the Oreo dirt, and if you have the piping tip for grass, by golly, use it! So this was the first thing baked in the new oven, which worked delightfully. It took longer than usual because I was constantly digging in boxes for cocoa or foil or what not. Luckily all my cake decorating supplies are always in one box, so that was helpful. As much as it looks like a kid's birthday cake, Brad is a 26-year-old grown-up who is a big kid at heart. And won't give up soccer : )

It is hard to believe I used to do cakes all the time and even called it a business. It's just so on the spot demanding and deadline focused which does not mix with dental school. Quilting? I can pick up where I left off anytime : )

At the birthday party last night, I received a large garbage bag full of my other cousin's high school t-shirts for a t-shirt quilt for her graduation! I'm super pumped. Now, I need to wash those, get them cut up and ironed onto some interfacing and into a quilt by June! Ok, at least before she leaves for college!
We also moved the cats, and they are adjusting and exploring. The trip was going so well until someone lost control of their bladder. Then, evereyone needed baths once we got home. They finally ventured out from under the bed and are discovering all the windows on this beautiful day!

Off to lunch with Mom, Aunt, Lisa, Molly, and NaNa!

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Anonymous said...

Glad the kitties are at home. Yes, they will love all the windows. Abby what are those color things you use when you wash your fabric? We always wash our fabric before sewing but I don't know what that is. Spring break was just too short!!!!