April 5, 2009

Making a Stacked Coins Quilt

I set about to finally make this quilt for Chanel's baby. Thursday, I washed fabric. Friday I pressed and cut fabric while watching Alfred Hitchcock movies with my hubby. Saturday, I sewed my strips together and pressed them after running around trying to find all my sewing stuff and quickly put a "sewing room" together. Still a long way to go on that front.

I cut all of my fabrics in 3" strips along the width of the fabric.

After church and groceries today, I cut my coins out in 5" sets and trimmed them up. I almost got 7 "stacks" out of that (a couple of fabrics were too short).
I decided to offset them to make it more interesting and this involved a seam ripper. Not too bad. I stacked two rows on top of each other, then just took a little off the bottom and put it on the top of the other two rows, adding a few choice scraps that didn't fit into my strip plan.

Here they are, ready to be sashed with some 2" white strips from my stash.

Now, since I didn't make a plan for this one at all, I came to the end of my sprint with this quilt top, and decided it needed another stack of coins. Right now, the quilt top measures 29.5 x 48" including the sashing left to go on the top. Another stack would make it, oh, (4.5 + 1.5...) 36 x 48". I could just add a border, ooh, black! I have a stack semi-made left over after cutting, so we'll see. The guru of quilting herself, Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts, made her quilt 41 x 50", so naturally I am compelled to approach that dimension, even though I know full well that it doesn't matter.

Not too shabby for a Sunday afternoon! I heard these were fast, and they sure are! Whip yourself up one soon! It's very satisfying : )


Jackie said...

I love the way you offset your quilt! I've been thinking of doing one of these too and it's nice to hear it comes along quickly!

MandMStudio said...

I totally love it:) I'll have to put one together soon.

Anonymous said...

Wow you did that fast. It looks very nice. I just realized that I never saw the rag quilt. It looks really great.

Jessica said...

I love stacked coin quilts...and the white-black-red combo!

Lorrie said...

What great colours you used. And it went together so quickly. Looks wonderful.


Anonymous said...

I love it! Will be anxious to see it quilted too :-) Are you gonna try free motion quilting?