August 26, 2009

So, How'd I Do With That List?

Here's the list I posted before the weekend:

* finish that darn bandana quilt - it's so close I can taste it
* sandwich and baste super secret quilt that's ready to go
* Christmas presents - I actually have most of the supplies I need, I just need a plan and a schedule and oh, yeah - to actually do it, or at least get started!
* cut fabric for a baby quilt for a boy
* Project Linus quilt fabric cut out and fleece blanket finished for Sunday (again if you're anywhere near Rockwall, Tx, come sew with us at Texas Quiltworks!)

Here's what I really did:

* Got really close to finishing the quilt but ran out of binding. All quilted though and more than 1/2 of the binding sewn on!
* Sewed up a pair of Erik's shorts that was ripped amidst building the house
* Sewed up a seam in a pair of scrub pants that I ripped last semester (the rip was the seam up the leg, not due to any *growth* that might have occurred during school)
* cut out the fabric for the baby quilt (minus one block as I had to order some fabric)
* Got a bunch of batting and fabric cut out for Project Linus and had a blast at the meeting (pictures to come!)

Not quite what I had planned, but close! School is already exhausting, but I have found time to buy a bunch of great fabric on sale/clearance! FYI, Stitchin' Memories in Rockwall puts all their Fat Quarters on sale on Wednesday 10/$15. That's very dangerous for me - I can pick out 10 FQs I like in about 10 seconds!!!

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Jackie said...

You *really* got a lot done! Congratulations! I hope school has gotten a bit less exhausting for you!