August 15, 2010

Current Activity

Erik and I took yet another road trip on a hunt for cities in which I could possibly practice.  This time we went to Marble Falls in the Austin area hill country.  We took the back roads down and passed through Lampasas where we ate at Storm's on recommendation from my cousin Billy.  Yum-o.

After the old-fashioned drive in, we stopped off at Longhorn caverns and took a 1.5 mile hike through the depths of the cave carved out over time by a river.  Best part about it: as soon as you entered this outside area where the entrance was, the temperature dropped to like 75 degrees (it's been over 100 in Dallas for an eternity).  Inside the cave, it was more like 68 degrees.  Heaven.

I didn't get a lot of good pics in the cave, but we saw 3 bats and lots of pretty rocks.  All the colonies of bats left due to all the humans barging in and the 40 or so that live there are individualistic bats. See, I learned something.

The rest of the trip was filled with pepto bismol, lots of liquids and a cool hotel room.  We got some kind of bug that left just as fast as it came, but pretty much ruined our Saturday.  Sunday, we went into Austin and visited our friends Vanessa and Jon and their amazing kids and had lots of snow cones!

This past Thursday, my family went to the concert by the lake to hear Four-Way Street, a Crosby, Stills, Nash (and a little Young) cover band.  They were pretty good!  We pulled the boat up to the docks, anchored, jumped into the bath - I mean lake - water and enjoyed some tunes.  Perfect.  Until we realized that our aft light had been stolen off the back of the boat and we had to return to the marina before dark.  Boo!  Those thieves cut the wires and ruined our little party!  Worst part was that I didn't get to hear Suite Judy Blue Eyes.  Oh, well...  Our gas tank had been stolen the week before, so I think we have a problem...

But you can't stay mad for long when Molly's making her crazy face!

And finally, here's my latest project.  I made a little laptop case for my new little toy. I pieced, sandwiched and sewed up a little pocket, raw-edge appliqued a flower (I'm going to put a button in the center once I find the perfect one!), added some binding, and made a ruffled elastic strap to hold everything nice and tight.  The fabric was given to me by my grandmother and I have no idea where she got it from, but I like it a lot.

The HP Mini is a netbook, so I definitely downsized, but it's perfect for everything I do and it's much smaller for carrying it to school and such.  I love it!  I got all my music and pictures transferred and I haven't missed the CD/DVD drive at all.  Plus it isn't slow and doesn't have any viruses like my old laptop ; )  I took it with me to Houston this weekend when we visited Erik's parents and it was so much easier to lug around.

And don't you think that the cover is very quilt-esque?

On the way back from Houston, we went through College Station and oohed and ahhed over all the changes that have occurred since 2002.  Basically, that trip also turned into a scouting trip because now Erik's looking at real estate in Bryan/College Station.  Yeesh!  Really don't think that's going to happen....But now I mourn my summer as I go back to school to 8 am classes and clinic craziness tomorrow morning. I'll take part 2 of boards in December, clinical mock boards and the real deal in the spring, and graduate in May.  May 20, 2011 at 10am at the Meyerson Symphony Hall in case you were wondering ; )

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Psalm112 said...

You can't leave...our little girl is going to need your talent to make sure she is always cuddled up in something adorable!!

Ben still snuggles up on the couch each morning with his quilt, for his time in the WORD!!

because of HIM,