August 22, 2010

Fitness Update

I made my first 25 mile mark, and I earned myself a fat quarter!  So I promptly went out and purchased 3 yards of kona cotton white and 2 yards of hope valley for the sashing and back of my hope valley quilt I'm giving myself for graduation.  How many miles does that work out to?  500.  Well, I've already made it 25, so it's more like 475 miles.  Wow.  I have to run quite a ways to make up for this weekend's shopping splurge.  Maybe every 25 miles, I can buy 5 yards?  Yeah, that sounds so much better. 

I did sign up for a 5k.  I usually run the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure every October/November depending on which city I've been in at the time, and I'll do it again this year.  Then I run the Capitol 10K in Austin in the Spring and in dental school, I've also run the Dental Olympics 5k in the spring, well, once during first year.  But THIS fall, I'm also throwing in Rockwall's Rib Rub & Run 5k.  Yeah, that's right - you run 3 miles, eat ribs, shop the downtown square, farmers' market and art market, and listen to live music.  I'm so there!

So, despite my lack of will-power when it comes to fabric purchasing, I've been doing great with the exercise program that we're using.  You start on the east coast and literally run across America.  Every time you enter mileage, you see a picture of the road you're running on and see what town you're in. I'm currently somewhere in Virginia west of Jamestown.  Yeah, 25 miles from the Atlantic is not that far.  The kicker is that it also tells you how many miles to your next town, so you get a goal.  I'm so ready to get out of Jamestown, and even more ready to get out of Virginia.  I need a new state big time!  So I continue to walk/run.  And not spend much time at my sewing machine.  I'm so going to have to fix that....

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Jackie said...

I think 5 yards for 25 miles is fair!