August 27, 2010

Fitness Friday

Yeah, it may not seem like much, but for mainly walking, I think a fairly visible line on a map this size says something.  My main goal right now is redefining that line that used to be on my lateral thigh where some fascia runs down the vastus lateralis.  You know the line I'm talking about?  (I had to look up that vastus lateralis part...we never dissected the leg as we dentists tend to stay above the waist, thank God!)  I'm working on it. 

My sewing time has been zilch, zero, nothing.  School wipes me out and I come home to crash on the couch.  We've even stopped cooking dinner - it's horrible.  I'm lucky if I have clean scrubs to wear.  I need to be better about working on little hand stitching projects while I'm crashed, although I'm sure my eyes and hands enjoy the rest they get.  I did get some of the Hope Valley I ordered for my graduation quilt backing in the mail today, so that made me happy.  It's so pretty.  I went with the burgundy/gray flowers that are so Aggie-esque.  I love it.  I need some more.

Hope you get some sewing done this weekend!  I'll be community servicing, Italian dinnering, bowling, and celebrating my dad's 60th birthday! 

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meli B said...

I just found your blog through Texas Freckles. Love your work and think you are amazing doing dentistry now after teaching. I teach and work for a dentist part time (book keeping) and there is no way I would go back to study even though teaching wipes me out and I tend to crash by 9pm without a stitch sewn. Good Luck to you, you are very brave and happy stitching.