August 25, 2010


I'm still following the blog of a sweet missionary couple who lived through the earthquake disaster in Haiti and are back there after a short summer furlough.  It's still seriously crazy over there.

Today's post was written by a midwife/missionary friend of theirs serving the women in their area and their babies.  The post doesn't need pictures or videos to make you realize the need for decent hospital care in Port-au-Prince.  I've never given birth, so I can only guess at how horrible this experience is for these women.  Those of you that have, imagine bringing your sweet darlings into the world that way.  Wow.

I decided that helping them build a hospital was more important than getting my hands on some Fandango.  Will you help, too?  There's a link on the post and you can give very easily using Paypal.

Have a great week!


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