January 23, 2011


I about had a heart attack when my "trying" calendar went away on Google this afternoon.  It's how I've recorded my cycle since I got off the pill and consider it valuable information.  While waiting for Google to answer my incident ticket, or whatever it is, I made the mistake of reading some discussion boards and let myself get all anxious again about what we may or may not find at my appointment in about a week.

My calendar finally came back up and as I perused the trying section, I realized that that's what we're still doing.  We're trying to have a baby until that fetus is viable and can live outside the womb.  Until then, whatever happens is in God's hands and we're trying.  I may have gotten a positive pregnancy test, but I even hesitate to say or think that I'm really pregnant until I see an embryo with a beating heart.  And even then, we'll still be trying.  And praying, and hoping.

I just happened to conceive really early within the time frame we had set in our minds for "trying" to get pregnant.  It doesn't mean we're finished.  But it would be an amazing blessing if we were : )

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