April 18, 2011

Spring Photo Dump

At the beginning of April, we were invited to go to a game during the Rangers' opening weekend playing the Red Sox.  Our seats look like they were great, but alas, the people sitting around us were rather crass and took away a lot of the enjoyment.  Let's be nice, people!

Earlier that day, Erik and I started a major clean out of the house to start getting ready for baby.  We only spent about an hour in the sewing room, but look!  You can see the floor! 

It's just a start, but I did actually pack away some fabric to get rid of.  It's really nothing I would *ever* use and was given to me from one or both of my grandmothers because they didn't want it.

We've been taking turns making dinner at my parents' house on the weekends, and Erik took one of our turns to make a Jamaican feast using his Christmas gifts from his cousins who went there this past year.

He grilled jerk chicken...very spicy!

He even opened up a coconut for some of the recipes!

My favorite was the baked sweet potato fries!

Sorry for the non-sewing photo dump.  I finally had a chance to empty my camera!

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