April 18, 2011

Today, I Was *That* Person

 You know, the person at the cutting counter in your fabric store of choice who decides to get a ridiculous number of bolts (21) and have small amounts of fabric cut from each of them?  That was me creating the line at the counter at Joann's today.  They really should just cut fat quarters to sell to us crazy people.

I jumped on the bandwagon today to get Denyse Schmidt's new fabrics for several reasons:

1) I like 'em.
2) It was my present to myself for taking my licensing boards this weekend.
3) I had the day off and actually had time to go get it.
4) It is really soft, good quality fabric.
5) I like 'em.

I also got a new hoop for some larger applique I have to do in my future.

I then walked several doors down to one of my LQSs to check out their fabric but I didn't buy anything there for several reasons:

1) I didn't really fancy the fabrics that they have in stock.
2) Everything they have there is pretty much exactly what they had last time I went in.
3) I already spent too much money on something I did really like.

As often as I go to that particular shopping area and go into Joann's and said LQS, I rarely, I mean RARELY buy fabric from either store.  Well, tons of Kona from Joann's and a few yards from the LQS.  I always get excited and then I'm disappointed.  Then I go to Super Target and that makes up for it.

Boards went...ok.  I had a huge grading scare that turned out ok because of a grader error, but I won't find out if I passed any or all sections for about a month.  At least it's over for now.

2 more weeks of school!


meli B said...

I like your choices and I think you deserve a present to yourself after all the hard work. Good Luck!

Jen said...

I work in a quilt shop and I'm probably the minority but the way I look at it is either way I have to touch the bolt. It doesn't matter if I'm cutting an 1/8th or measuring out 8 yards. If you've picked out 30 bolts for 1/8th yard cuts; you've already put much more work into it than I will in cutting it and your cre8tivity will shine through in the end! I actually feel bad when people apologize for "only" getting x amount cut. There's no need to apologize for only buying what you need!!