July 28, 2015

Emily's Quilt

Our Target friends had baby #2, so Emily gets a quilt!  We call them that around people who know the story, but may or may not remember their names. Because the story is pretty unforgettable! 

We met in the baby aisles of our local Super Target as we started our baby registries for our first babies. We chatted briefly about having no idea what we were scanning and got back to work. Weeks later, at a baby care class at our hospital, we met again and recognized them as the couple from Target. 

We found out we had lots in common: our faith, a friend, our doctors are in the same practice, we both play French horn, grew up in the same area...like to shop at Target : )  We exchanged info and had a few pre-baby dinners out. 

Long story short, we ended up having our babies two days apart in the same hospital, and were on the maternity floor two doors down from them.  So we decided to stay friends.  And now our kids go to preschool together!

So I found a bunch of fabrics in my stash to match her bedding and did a little name applique using freezer paper.  Instead of need-turn, I fused it on and used the blanket stitch on my machine - my new favorite!  

Emily arrived on Saturday, so we already got to meet her!  So sweet and precious!

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